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good morning i'm kristen sze. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. later it is going to be a warm one up to a hot one in some places. some areas not seeing much because of the fog you may need the wipers especially long the coast north bay as you drive through some of that fog otherwise dry on live doppler good friday morning. we'll have flight arrival delays into sfo not sure how much, hopefully they won't be 77 minutes. 3/4 mile visibility in santa rosa, half mile in half moon bay everybody else is well until oakland and
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hayward thicker fog there watch out if you are on 880 or 580. for the coast partly sunny, 58 to 63, hazy sun around the bay by the afternoon upper 60s, upper 70s inland from 80 to low 90s into the east bay valleys with plenty of sunshine. going to only get warmer forecast in a few minutes. here's sue. thanks good morning. speaking of fog i encountered some heavy over the waldo grade, golden gate bridge as well, limited visibility there. toll at the bay bridge no metering lights, if you you are traveling this weekend, in los angeles they are expecting major problems, hoping not, 405 will be closed from 101 getty center for the demolition of the mulholland bridge. westbound 80505 vacaville still have an accident blocking lane three.
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traffic could be gridlocked downtown san francisco this evening the 20th anniversary of the critical mass ride. cyclists are expected to jam the streets starting 6:00. katie marzullo is live at justin herman plaza with a preview. >> reporter: this is where it begins, as far as where it goes and how many will participate is anyone's guess. 20th san verse of -- critical mass when bicyclists come together and ride in a huge group on city streets the last friday of every month. the first year 20 years ago 50 bicyclists took part now it is hundreds sometimes thousands. participants say they do it to make a point with divers to share the road. not everybody sees the message. it can make for a frustrating commute for drivers. then those looking at the bigger picture of how cyclists interact with the city one man
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told us he didn't like the city's bike plan. >> all day everyday motorists are bullying bicyclists. once a month we turn the table not to bully we are here, respect us for once a month for a few hours. >> one of the problems with the bike plan is it takes away traffic lanes and street parking on busy city streets that creates a problem. an environmental impact. >> reporter: critical mass is typically peaceful, in years past, there have been fights and police have arrested bicyclists for traffic violations and even assaults. san francisco police chief tells us there will be extra patrols on duty tonight. police officers will be out on motorcycles, dirt bikes and on bicycles. critical mass gets underway around 6:00, the police department is recommending, if you can, avoid the downtown area. katie marzullo, abc7 news.
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novato police investigating accident that killed a 12-year-old girl riding her bike home from school. hailey ratliff was riding west on novato boulevard when she collided with an suv going in the opposite direction. the driver is cooperating with police and does not face charges. hailey was taken to the hospital by ambulance, transported by helicopter to children's hospital in oakland, where she was pronounced dead. amy hollyfield will have more in a live report from novato. in east palo alto the fight continues for a stop sign where a 6-year-old girl was killed while talking -- while walking to school a year ago in a crosswalk on gloria way yesterday was the anniversary. her family and neighbors have push ford a stop sign where there has been at least six accidents involving cars and pedestrians since 2004. instead the city has installed flashing lights and added pavement markings and crossing
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garr the driver who hit torres was not charged but facing a civil suit from the family. morgan hill police looking for a mother who abandoned her daughter at a store last week after a shoplift ago tempt. police say marcy keelin and her 10-year-old went to a safeway filled the cart with beer and other items instead of paying she told her daughter to wait with the cart near the exit doors while she got the car when she pulled up the girl was to roll the cart out that's when store employees stopped the 10-year-old, keelin saw it and drove away. >> left her there on purpose not willing to get in trouble to sacrifice her daughter for her own gain. >> 10-year-old charged with a crime and now staying with her grandmother. keelin arrived the bay area this summer. her father-in-law believes she may be headed to wyoming. woman who was mugged and had her iphone stolen is
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announcing a $1,000 reward in the case. heather sweeney was celebrating her birthday with friends last month the place was packed with people, dancing to loud music. we she went to check on her coat she was attacked by a man and woman who took off. sweeney says she is hyper vigilant about using her phone in public. >> i don't take my phone out in a parking garage, corner. i take it out if i'm sitting stopped in a public area once inside my home or office, i don't check while commuting. >> police say cell phone thefts are rising in the marina and pack heights areas as well as other parts of the city. the law firm sweeney works for is putting up the reward money as well as airing publish service announcements on the radio to alert residents to the problem. official proposed way to prevent protesters from interrupting meetings,. don't let them in. last week demonstrators forced the council to shutdown --
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administrator wants to reduce public access to meetings by eliminating half of the 214 seats in the city hall chambers. no more standing. no more hanging out in the hall outside. the plan is under discussion. a spokeswoman says could be in place next week. ntsb investigators say engine failure brought down a small plane that kill several people two years ago. three people died in the crash from the -- on the peninsula. the report mentions the pilot's failure to maintain air speed as another issue. the plane crashed into a lagoon soon after it took off from san carlos airport the cause of the engine failure could not be determined. marin county district changing policy on sex education some are outraged. since 1988 the district has taught students to respect
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manogamous heterosexual marriage. policy changed because it is considered disrespectful toward gay students and others. now a reverend is objecting. he called themw school board to tell them it flies in the face of the bible's teaching and what they are doing is going to catch up with them and it is going to bite real hard on the backside. i don't that i is from the bible. i think's an original. >> i think you are right about that. yesterday, my kids were asking, mom what happened you told us except was supposed to be the warmest month around here in san francisco normally the case, right now going into the last weekend of september i think i'm going to be validated. >> in a big way. good morning. welcome to friday morning. water vapor amount of moisture in the air shows how currents are flowing little area of high pressure over top of us offshore flow going to develop
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today into tomorrow right now trapped underneath we have all that fog and with that hanging around it going to remain in the 50s through 7:00, clouds back to the coast hazy sun by noon, warmest inland 80 around the bay 70, 58 at the coast, 62 by 4:00 at the coast, 74 at the bay, 86 inland you may need a light jacket through the evening, 73 at 7:00, 66 during the evening around the bay 57 coast. next three days warmest in the forecast, above average tomorrow then excessive heat sunday and monday, especially inland threaten triple digits sunday and monday, bay upper 80s to near 90 coast mid 70s ii happy friday. if you are traveling from foster city to hayward or the other direction through the san mateo bridge tail lights towards the highrise to foster
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city traffic moving at the limit, 15 minute drive time across the span. vacaville area 80 westbound at 505 turns out to be a gravel spill accident cleared there may be gravel still on the freeway chp on scene to clean that up. 101 roadwork through marin northbound waldo grade massive production with all kinds of big trucks and bright lights and a little slow traffic northbound as well. if you are in san francisco or coming to the city this evening critical mass 6:00, the 20th anniversary they begin at justin herman plaza and then filter through city streets expect delays. great way to get around it would be to use our free waze app. you can see the embarcadero there and you can get onboard, become a traffic spotter, it is once again, it is free. download that and help yourself get around the critical mass. 5:10.
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next, crunching the numbers in the presidential race. battleground states that may decide who will end up in the white house. tens of thousands of people are decenting on san francisco for the oracle conference. >> here's sunny hostin with america's money report. >> reporter: good morning. cyber attacks on u.s. banks, websites of some of the country's biggest banks undenial of service attacks where hackers launch barrage of traffic overwhelming the sites a middle eastern group is believed to be responsible. cried owl places up ly after israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu issued stern warning about iran's nuclear program. the nation's four largest auto rental companies are agreeing they won't give customers cars that have been recalled but not fixed. the four companies say she will support legislation to legally enforce the prop.
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prices for apple going up because of -- prices for apples going up because of crazy warm weather. i'm sunny hostin. have you heard of the new dialing procedure
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for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1
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plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out! good friday morning. looking down on san francisco with fog we'll have that along the coast maybe hitting 90,
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mike will tell you your temperatures, coming up. winning the popular vote does not necessarily mean a candidate will be the next president. karen travers takes a look at some battleground states. >> reporter: there are two ways the election can be viewed. one, american, one vote that adds up to the nation al popular vote. >> if you look at the national polls i'm tied. >> reporter: those national polls do show a dead heat. neither candidate has been able to open up and sustain a significant lead name is not how a presidential election is won. it comes down to the electoral college. each state signed a number of votes. the process became infamous in the 2000 race between bush and gore. gore won the popular vote, bush won the electoral college after a bitter legal battle. the fight for the white house
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comes down to a handful of states where candidates are focusing. ohio getting the most attention frequent campaign stops tons of ads. the obama campaign has spent more than 40 million dollars in ads in ohio. romney campaign more than 20 million in three critical battleground states president obama is in the lead. romney campaign says their internal polling in those states shows a tighter race. >> they have to plant a flag in ohio and fight like crazy many >> reporter: romney's path to victory is shrinking. the president is within 15 electoral votes of the 270 he needs to win reelection. mitt romney would need to win nearly all of the remaining seven tossup states to win the white house. they all went for president obama in 2008.
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karen travers, abc news, washington. prep work gets in full swing today for next week's oracle open world the annual weeklong tech conference that brings in 50,000 gets underway sunday army of techs will begin transforming the moss mosconey center today. [ unintelligible ] mike is here with the big story that affects everybody the weather it is changing. >> it is. today a little bit, tomorrow sunday, monday, big time changes heatwave coming in. what is slowing it today is thicker fog, a little more widespread, harder to get rid of today and that's why we are going to have temperatures like yesterday during the afternoon hours today.
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it is dry this morning, mist out there as you dry through some of the thicker cloud cover you may have to use windshield wipers once or twice, no organized areas yet. fog santa rosa 48, fog along the coast 50 there half moon bay into san francisco and san rafael 60 in livermore. low to mid 50s if you are leaving the house now -- a little warming today, but the warming -- the warmest temperatures will be this weekend. [ unintelligible ] here's a look at cloud cover surging now through about 9:00,
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then starts pulling back about noon, i think an hour later than yesterday to get the sunshine around the bay, sunny spots along the coast not as much as yesterday in the 50s and 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s holding on in the east bay valleys, south bay upper 70s to low 80s except cupertino i should caesar toga and los gatos mid 80s. mid 60s coast into san francisco 80s north bay valleys 50s beaches berkeley 69 low to mid 70s the rest of the east bay shoreline you could see mid 80s to near 90. mid to upper 60s monterey bay. a's still in the playoff chase 61 at 7:05 at the coliseum, 56 by 10:00. sunday, monday stick out with near 100° temperatures inland, 90 bay, mid 70s coast back to average thursday of next week. happy friday.
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fog that mike was mentioning is heavy on the golden gate bridge very thick limited visibility when you come through the waldo tunnel you won't find a lot of traffic, it is very, very thick and heavy and also roadwork northbound out of the waldo too. oracle world howard street closed between third and fourth, had that last week as well. expect delays south of market, muni rerouted around this. westbound 92 overnight roadwork ramp to southbound 280 closed until 6 a.m. this morning. checking in with bart, muni, caltrain, all mass transit getting off to a good start, no delays. when you are out this weekend, might want to download the abc7 waze app there are a lot of events including critical mass at 6:00 this evening and howard street closure great way two get you around some of those delays,
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today at 3:00 on katie, chelsea handler will talk about her talk show and what is next in her rising career. also check this out, the santa clara father and son responsible for the latest youtube sensation showing a toy train in space, a thomas the engine now viral with more than two million online hits, you won't want to miss it. catch katie today at 3:00 on abc7. train in space. >> local man makes big with his -- >> local man with local motive. >> very good. big let down in the pacific northwest stanford's hopes for another undefeated regular season ends in washington. >> a's fall behind early. , and d
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crops. and that's "america's money." i'm sunny hostin.
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just go to the abc7 news facebook page to like us. we'll announce the winner after the $49ers -- after the 49ers game. if you already like us go to our page and click the $49,000 button that will take out to page where you can fill out the entry form. good skwhraoeufpblgt >> 5:24. thursday night football and fans in baltimore gave
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returning revs a standing ovation. mike i guess -- returning refs a standing ovation. last night officials who know the rules worked the browns-ravens game in case you are wondering ravens went on to win 23-16 no question able calls. >> there was college football last night withstand ford at washington, stanford's defense scored on interception and 40 yard run huskies came back with two more scores, including 35 yard up down pass. washington upset stanford 17-13. a's hope to make it into the playoffs host the mariners tonight a's fell behind early to the rangers in texas yesterday. they came back in the 9th with homeruns the a's still lose 9-7 flitting -- splitting four
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game series with rangers. one game back for top spot. giants win final home game at at&t beating d-backs giants open in san diego for three games starting tonight end the season in los angeles next week. >>. >> next, the san francisco city college officials say they have a plan to keep college open as it faces severe financial difficulty and threat of lose ago . rush hour mess. preparations underway for this evening's critical mass ride in san francisco, organizers celebrate their 20th anniversary. >> here's a look at our high temperatures for today, more
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cloud cover coast upper 50s to -- a lot of 70s around the bay and 80s even 90s into the east bay valleys around the country today, a lot of 70s and 80s -- [ inaudible ] check this out, everybody running green, no widespread area of severe weather expected, i believe we'll have flight arrival delays into sfo not oakland and san jose when they let
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good morning thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. summer is on its way back. >> we have the fog too. that's the big weather
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story. good morning. we don't have widespread areas of drizzle nor rain dry for the most part unless you are driving throughout fog. thickest right now up in santa rosa, quarter mile visibility there, improved in novato up to eight, big change, half moon bay improving about a mile and quarter, i expect those to drop back down as we head through the next couple of hours, thickest fog still ahead of us hayward down to two mile visibility. today partly sunny at the coast, upper 50s to mid 60s hazy around the bay, upper 60s to upper 70s inland near tate to 90 in the east bay valleys. good morning. live shot of 80 through berkeley at emeryville you can barely see it the fog has just come in traffic light, limited visibility as the fog is very thick. stall to report, southbound 880 at davis blocking right lane. earlier accident vacaville
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area 80 westbound at 501, gravel spill cleared. -- at 505 gravel spill cleared, we've been talking it all morning the 20th anniversary of critical mass, if you you are driving through san francisco tonight be prepared. critical mass began two decades ago 50 people chose to ride their bikes home from work it evolved into a monthly ride for the rights of cyclists sometimes numbering in the thousands. it has sparked periodic altercations between divers and cyclists since critical mass has no leadership there is no word might what might happen tonight. >> we'll have extra people with them, we'll use our motorcycles, dirt bikes and big bikes officers on bicycles. >> into predicting how many will show up at the foot of market street 6:00 tonight or which streets riders will take
5:32 am
over, again, be ready. novato police looking for witnesses in the investigation of a deadly crash. young girl riding her bike was killed after she was hit by an suv. amy hollyfield is live at the scene. >> reporter: the spot where she was hit is now marked by flowers and candles, people have set up a memorial here to show she will not be forgotten this is a busy street. she was riding her bike on novato boulevard when she was hit. hailey ratliff had just moved here to novato from new mexico. he written on her facebook page august 14th, that she lived in new mexico all her life and didn't want to leave her friends. she was hit just before 3:00 yesterday, the driver did stop after the collision. hailey was new here, those who have lived here for a while say this road has always made
5:33 am
them nervous. >> they are flying down here, no speed limits, there's a community here and we have a lot of kids. >> the driver of the suv is very cooperative, it does not appear to be signs of impairment or illegal maneuvers, we are investigating and exploring all options of the investigation. >> reporter: police are still trying to figure out what happened. residents are convinced that some speed bumps, maybe limit signs could help make novato boulevard safer. hailey was a student at sinoloa middle school. the school will bring in guidance counselors to talk to classmates. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this morning a family wants justice for a 15-year-old autistic boy beaten by an older man at the south hayward bart station. the right side of his mouth is swollen. he and a friend were walking midnight in july a man in his
5:34 am
30s asked the boys to get him a cab they refused he began punching trevor. police arrived, cuff the man and noticed he was carrying marijuana the d.a.'s office charged him with possession, but not assault. >> i don't feel what he's getting is justice. i told my brother i would do whatever it takes to make sure this man pays for his crimes. >> the family has created a facebook page for trevor to rally support. this afternoon an elementary school principal charged with selling methamphetamine is due back in court eric dean lewis made his first court appearance monday. police say he offered drugs to an uncover officer he met through an online daying site. at his home officers found meth, date rape drug, ghb and a dozen hidden cameras. he was arrested last thursday and faces five felony drug counts.
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a sixth grade teacher at albany middle school is set to be arraigned today on lewd conduct charges. a meeting took place last night to discuss the arrest of sixth grade teacher james izumizaki. he was arrested at his home wednesday. the san francisco city college board of trustees explained in its 14 point action plan for keeping the college open at a public hearing last night it clouds hiring new financial watchdogs, laying off faculty, closing or leasing properties and refocusing on basic course work the community college commission has given city college until march 15th, to turn things around. >> fall back to summer in a big hurry this weekend with going to prove i. >> does it give you whiplash? >> i like the heat. >> a lot of people love.
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>> a lot of people do look forward to this time of year so they can head to the beaches get sunshine, warm weather and frolic in that cold water that is not going to change. radar and satellite put together next system moving north a little counterclockwise curl over top of us right now that area of low pressure is the reason why we are seeing more fog this morning will start to develop a land breeze during the afternoon that will extent into tomorrow when we see the biggest jump in temperatures today foggy spots outside of east bay valleys, low 50s coast, mid 50s bay inland upper 40s to upper 50s what you see here are the highest temperatures in a region at this time, at noon clouds at the coast and warmest temperature will be 58 around the bay 70, inland 80 at 4:00 under hazy sunshine warmest inland will be 86, 74 bay, 62
5:37 am
coast. you may need a light coat towards the evening, 66 bay, 73 inland. next couple of days, saturday, sunday, monday, big jump in temperatures not only tomorrow but as we head into monday, mid 90s to 100 inland by monday, mid 80s tomorrow around the bay 90 inland and check out the 70s, mid 70s possible at the coast. here's sue with your commute. so far, so good. bay bridge toll we have a stall incline section right lane blocked minor delays at the toll if any no metering lights as you head into san francisco drive south 101 through marin out of marinwood towards central san rafael light looking good, no problems, fog on the golden gate over the waldo grade if you are leaving marin for san francisco. stall in southbound pardon me hayward southbound 880 at
5:38 am
davis blocking right lane still out there commute from antioch towards pittsburg beginning to bunch up a bit westbound on highway 4. critical mass this evening 20th anniversary gets underway 6:00, justin herman plaza you can expect rolling delays as they get going. great way to get around would be to download the free waze app this is the macarthur maze, traffic light. it is free, join other traffic spotters and communicate about what is going on and how to get around some of the delays. always good advice, especially tonight. >> right. 5:38. next the hunt for jimmy hoffa. >> a tip could crack a cold case open. where they are searching today. shooter opens fire at a sign company in minneapolis before turning the gun on himself.
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details coming up.
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this morning the names of the first victims are being rehe'sed in the shooting in -- being released in shooting in minnesota >> reporter: tense scene s.w.a.t. team responded to again man who opened fire,
5:42 am
killing four, including the company's founder and then himself. >> i can confirm the suspect, the shooter is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> reporter: this morning, police are trying to term if the shooter was a disgruntled worker. four were transported to the hospital, three in critical, fourth had minor injuries. it was a terrifying scene when police responded to the shooting around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. >> it appears to be multiple agencies, local and federal. >> reporter: tactical teams surrounded the building, evacuating people and swarmed the residental neighborhood people headed home from work saw their street become a crime scene. >> police behind a tree yelled at me to turn around and make a u-turn. >> outside our doors, s.w.a.t. teams and state troopers. i walked out a couple blocks and came to see what happened. >> reporter: although the shooting appears to be an isolated incident residents
5:43 am
are still shaken. >> i worry about going to school tomorrow, i teach middle school, -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: last night, residents gathered for a candlelight vigil to remember the victims. this morning, two more of the injured were identified as company executives. tahman bradley, abc news. new this morning, crude oil prices up sharply after israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu issued a stern warning about iran's nuclear program. secretary of state clinton met with netanyahu on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly yesterday. he asked the u.n. to draw a clear red line to stop iran from developing nuclear weapons. neither the u.s. nor any of its international partners he was red to abandon diplomacy in favor of military actions netanyahu is advocating. >> the mankind an -- the man behind is anti-muslim film is
5:44 am
in jail. yesterday nakoula was driven from court in los angeles after a judge ruled him a flight risk he was arrested for probation violation from a 2010 bank fraud case. search for teamsters's about jimmy hoffa moves to michigan this morning. authorities received what they say is a credible tip that who have ma may be buried under the cement. hoffa disappeared in 19 5 from a restaurant parking lot, -- 1975 from a restaurant parking lot 30 miles from the rosewood whereabouts. >> many a book written maybe we'll get an answer. next, the white house is keeping a close watch on the side better tax on the websites of the nation's biggest banks. bloomberg business report coming up. plastic bag ban that goes into effect money -- into effect monday.
5:45 am
bay area icon retiring. we talk to stan about his storied career.
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[ woman ] dear chex cereal, i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done what i thought was impossible: you made good-for-you, gluten-free cereals in a whole bunch of yummy flavors. cinnamon chex and honey nut chex are two of our favorites. when my husband rob found the chocolate one, we were in cereal heaven. the only problem is, with so many great flavors you're making it very hard to choose. so thanks. from your fans, the mcgregor family.
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'cause we love chex. [ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook. welcome back. low to mid 60s along the coast less sunshine than yesterday 70s bay, 80s inland antioch and livermore 90.
5:48 am
the entire state is going to be dry. we are not the only ones that will see a warming trend the entire state will too. mid 90s throughout central valleys, 100 palm springs tahoe mid 70s through the weekend. isolated storms possible, sunny and dry with warmer than average temperatures saturday, sunday the same around yosemite mid 90s by the time we get to sunday. san francisco's tough new ordinary nance banning plastic bags from all stores takes effect monday a judge cleared the way ruling upholding the ordinance september 12th. the new ban will be expanded to include all restaurants by next july. retailers will be charging 10 cents for a paper or compostable bag. uc berkeley seismologists will be in washington today to talk with white house and senate staffers about the benefits of earthquake early warning systems bart teaming up to adopt a system it allows
5:49 am
bart trains to automatically brake when a quake threatens the bay area allowing up to a minute for trains to start slowing before the ground starts to shake bart will be plugged into a statewide network of ground motion sensors the signals travel faster than seismic waves created by a quake a computer will slow trains down to 26 miles per hour before the shaking begins. one of the bay area's legendary broadcasters will turn on his microphone for the last time this morning. >> we start in san francisco northbound 101 vermont. >> stan retiring after a 51 year career he's been one of the most familiar voices on bay area radio ever he handled traffic for us on the abc7 morning news. his career was launched on the don sherwood show reportinging from a passenger helicopter -- reporting from a passenger helicopter. stan wound up with us in 1976 he became executive producer
5:50 am
and the winner of emmys, he was flying october 17th, 1989 -- 1989, when a producer yelled earthquake. >> i said oh my god the upper deck has fallen to the lower deck all i did for four days was talk about where you could and couldn't go how you could get from a to b and how you couldn't what was working and what wasn't working. >> helped all of us get around he said he is glad he never had to sit in morning rush hour traffic that he reported on now he might have to. >> something different for him. he's been an icon -- [ unintelligible ] >> only traffic jam maybe at the golf course for him. [ talking over each other ]
5:51 am
good morning, clouds hanging low over downtown san francisco as we look southbound. we have a dry condition we have a little mist don't forget about that, just driving through some of the thicker, moisture and fog that we are dealing with this morning. upper 40s santa rosa napa the rest of us 50s warm livermore and antioch low to mid 60s monterey bay and inland low to mid 50s with fog. a little slower sunshine today, patchy fog possible tonight then excessive heat builds through most neighborhoods this weekend. coast will get your warmth not as excessive as it is for everybody else, san francisco
5:52 am
about one degree cooler today as is san jose, concord and fremont, oakland about two, santa rosa eight degrees cooler today because of the fog taking an hour longer to get rid of. mid to upper 70s most of the peninsula, menlo park, palo alto and mountain view around 77°. half moon bay 62, 59 sunset, mid 60s downtown south san francisco, sausalito 68, 80s from san rafael through the north bay valleys beaches upper 50s today low to mid 70s through most of the east bay shoreline berkeley touch of fog will take longest to get rid of, that's why you will be at 60 noon. east bay valleys mid 80s. near 90 antioch, fairfield, livermore. more cloud cover around the monterey bay, mid to upper 60s for you. a's back in town still in the
5:53 am
playoff race, mariners in town also to take them on 7:05 first pitch, 61 dropping to 56 by the end of the game. 50s again tonight cloud cover not as widespread as this morning, definitely have fog out there around the bay and out to the coast. for today, area of low sprrb sure out to the west brought in thicker fog tomorrow high pressure starts to move in sunday and monday, high pressure south, high pressure north, all that heat down south coming our way triple digits possible inland by monday, 90 bay, mid 70s coast, cooling trend starts tuesday, we'll start to notice it by thursday. live to 80 berkeley east shore freeway you can see headlights headed into the macarthur maze past university traffic moving nicely, no delays, earlier stall bay bridge incline, believed to be cleared out of the right lane this is 24, snaking past
5:54 am
livermore pardon they lafayette and orinda no delays in some company as you head towards the caldecott tunnel westbound 24. earlier stall hayward south 880 at davis still blocking right lane. coming to san francisco oracle open world howard street closed between third and fourth muni rerouted, delay south of market with critical mass at the embarcadero, that's at 6:00 this evening. great way to get around all of these traffic jams would be to download the free abc 7 waze app this is 680 past treat, north main walnut creek area two miles per hour would be a surface street. is free and you can be a traffic spotter get communicating about delays and how to get around all these traffic issues this weekend. 5:54. dogfight between american
5:55 am
airlines and pilots' union continues. cyber attacks getting high level attention in washington. >> here's jane king. good morning. áúy closed-door meetings this week about cyber attacks of the nation's largest banks. specialist helping to trace attacks, attacks by unidentified group have been making bank websites unavailable to consumers for hours at a time starting last week. sources say the obama administration is circulating a draft executive order that would create a program to protect vital networks. many flights closer to schedule yesterday after the airline threatened take legal action against pilots with the improvement southwest, delta and united way better on-time rates. the american's pilots unions asked members to try to keep planes on time.
5:56 am
trading higher close for stocks yesterday, looking at personal income spending and consumer confidence. i'm jane king. oakland a's pitcher braden is taking on the flaw stockton. at an anti-violence valley -- rally called by police wednesday he called the police chief a liar telling -- he said it is so bad he's taking his grandmother and leaving town. >> they told me the only advice they could give me was to take my grandmother and move. they told me unless i'm shooting or they are shooting at me, they don't come. we have no other choice, arm yourself or get out. it is a wild west, the boy in blue are out-gunned. >> stockton the second most violent city in the state, 10th in the entire country. a dog is now the only certified member of a police
5:57 am
force in a small new mexico town. the chief couldn't carry a gun because of a felony conviction in texas the other deputy is not certified that leaves nika as top dog. i think she is capable of handing this the only cop on the force without a criminal record. >> if she does a good job maybe she could run for mayor, next. 5:57. next, critical mass celebrates 20 years in san francisco, it could turn the friday evening commute into a nightmare. we have everything you need to know to avoid the tie-up. royal family decides whether to take more legal action after prince harry's nude photos >> nfl refs return to the field,
5:58 am
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